Colorwork Trunk Show at My Sister Knits!

Come one, come all to the Colorwork Trunk Show presented by Brooklyn Tweed!  We will have this trunk show until the last week of February so put it on your calendar!

Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show!

My Sister Knits has a trunk show consisting entirely of Brooklyn Tweed patterns for babies and children!You may be asking yourself what exactly is a trunk show.  It's when a yarn company sends us samples to display for a certain period of time.  You get to see first hand patterns knit up in the yarn they were designed for.  Many times they accompany the release of a collection of patterns.We will only have this trunk show for a little while longer, so if you have any children to knit for, come in quickly!This one has a diverse selection of pattern categories!  There are baby blankets:My Sister KnitsThere are several hats and this adorable colorwork set of a hat and mittens:trunk showThere are sweaters of all kinds..cardigans and pullovers, colorwork and plain:local yarn shoplocal yarn shopWe've pictured some but not all of the Brooklyn Tweed trunk show items; come in to see the rest before they must be sent back!

Quince & Co. trunk show

In early 2018 Pam Allen, founder of Quince & Co., published a collection of patterns in a book titled Plain and Simple.  We are so excited to see these cozy items in the flesh!  Plain and Simple is filled with patterns intended to be used every day.  They are all designed with Quince & Co.'s worsted weight Owl.The trunk show containing these samples is due in any now!Brooklyn Tweed trunk showWe are lucky to have a sample of one of the cardigans in the book, Chestnut, on display at the shop right now.  Instead of being knit with Owl, it was knit with Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter.  It's an excellent example of how easy it is to substitute one yarn for another, providing they are alike.  We'll gladly help you do that with any project!Now is the time to relax with a knitting project that doesn't have a deadline.  We encourage you to come in and find something calming to knit that will help you unwind!  Just think of it; yards of lovely yarn, a hot cup of your favorite drink, a scented candle burning, and a new knitting project.  What better way to end the year? 

Anzula Trunk Show!

Our Anzula trunk show arrived!  We thought it would be marvelous for all of the people participating in the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl to be able to touch and try on these pieces!Anzula Trunk ShowSabrina Famellos, owner of Anzula, started dyeing yarn in 2006.  Before that, she was an avid spinner and crocheter and sold her shawls, hats, gloves, and other accessories in the San Francisco Bay area.  She began her foray into dyeing with spinning fiber first and later expanded to dyeing yarn. The home base of Anzula Luxury Fibers is now in Fresno, California, where the hand dyeing takes place.  All of their yarns are spun in the U.S. and Canada.Anzula For Better or WorstedThe items in our trunk show are all made with Anzula For Better or Worsted, a blend of 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon.  We have seven items including sweaters, shawls, and cowls.One of the first things you'll notice is the fantastic stitch definition this yarn gives!  Cables and textured stitches such as seed stitch stand out beautifully.My Sister KnitsAnzula is synonymous with luxury fiber.  The colorways range from vivid and strong to muted and delicate.  Anzula yarns are soft, squishy, and slide like butter along your needles.  Knitting with any of Sabrina's yarns is a sublime experience!  Since they are superwash, they can be washed in the machine; we suggest a hand-wash cycle if your machine has one. Jenny recently washed a baby blanket made with Cricket, For Better or Worsted's little sister DK weight yarn, in this way.  She laid it out to dry and it looked and felt like new!This yarn pairs well with needles that have a less-pointy tip.  As this yarn is slippery, we encourage you to consider using a wooden needle.  Swatching with both a wooden needle and a metal needle would immediately tell you which you prefer.  If the term 'swatching' has you thinking of huddling in a dark corner, you might substitute the term 'yarn tasting'!  You can 'taste' it with both types of needles to see which you like best!We invite you to come into My Sister Knits and pore over the Anzula trunk show items!           

Hannah Fettig's Home and Away Trunk Show is Here!

Home and Away, Hannah Fettig’s collection from her book of the same title, is with us through December 21st!This collection consists of pieces with simple lines, nothing fancy!  They are wardrobe essentials meant for everyday use.  Hannah used Quince & Co’s yarn which is sourced and spun here in the U.S.  Their color palette is subdued and their yarns are durable yet soft, perfect for garments that will be worn over and over!My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Hannah Fettig, sweater knitting, home and awayThere is a hat that can be made in 5 sizes with directions for Bulky, Worsted and DK weight yarn!Then there are the sweaters!  Cardigans, pullovers, and a vest!  The amazing thing about the sweaters is that each one can be constructed in two ways!  You may choose to make a top-down raglan sleeved sweater or a bottom-up seamed sweater with set in sleeves.  Hannah wrote patterns for all of us!My Sister Knits, Colorado, cardigans, sweater knitting, knitbot, home and awayThe sweaters and vest are designed with worsted, DK, and fingering weight yarn; again, something for everyone!The fits vary from the close fitting Lesley pullover to the loose and comfortable fit of cardigans Georgetown and Boothbay.  The Moto Jacket is short while Calligraphy is a long cardigan.Hannah put careful thought into this collection, designing for extensive knitting preferences!My Sister Knits, northern Colorado, Hannah Fettig, Quince & Co yarn, home and awayWe also have copies of the Home & Away book.  It is filled with gorgeous photographs and well written patterns. There are also helpful articles on gauge, choosing a size, sweater construction, understanding a knitting pattern, substituting yarn, knitting in the round, button bands and buttonholes, and finishing! We encourage you to come into the shop to see these Home and Away samples for yourself.  It’s always fun to check out a trunk show with multiple designs by one designer.  It helps you to find designers you like!We also are happy to help you substitute yarns for any project.  It's easier than you think but there are few things to consider when substituting so please ask if you're unsure!

Not one but two trunk shows at My Sister Knits!

My Sister Knits has not one but two trunk shows for you to pore over!In 2013, Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting published Botanical Knits, a book of 12 patterns inspired by the beauty of plant life.  The next year Botanical Knits 2 came out with another 12 patterns. Now Alana has given us Baby Botanicals,  five darling child sized sweaters that go with the adult ones.trunk shows, My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, ColoradoSamples of these sweaters for little girls, sized 6 months to 12 years, are at My Sister Knits until July 22nd.Alana's patterns are well written; the schematics are detailed, the instructions are written out as well as charted, and the details that make these designs so special are well thought out.  As an example, be sure to check out the charming pockets on the Little Buds cardi when you come to the shop!  The cables on the back of  Baby Branches and Little Buds are not to be missed either!trunk shows, My Sister Knits, baby botanicals, yarn shopThese dear little sweaters are made with light fingering, fingering, and sport weight yarns.We also have the Swoon Maine trunk show!  Assembled by Carrie Bostick Hoge, this collection is an homage to Maine, as the name suggests.  Carrie designed the bulk of the patterns with guest appearances by Maine designers Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Leila Raabe, and Mary Jane Mucklestone.trunk shows, My Sister Knits, northern colorado, swoon maine, Pullovers, cardigans for young and old, cowls, a hat, and mittens have made their way to My Sister Knits!  These patterns suit an array of knitters who like to knit with weights from fingering to aran.trunk shows, My Sister Knits, yarn, knitted mittens, hat patternsThese two trunk shows are on display until July 22nd.  We invite you to come in, try on, and play with these exquisite knits!  We are located at 1408 W. Mountain Ave in Fort Collins, Colorado.Comment below on whether you have a favorite yarn weight to knit with or if you are an all weights knitter! 

An Awe-Inspiring Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Show!

Right now, at My Sister Knits, is a trunk show that needs to be seen to be believed!  We have a collection of Brooklyn Tweed sweaters, using Quarry, Shelter, and Loft, that are designed with a 'his' and 'hers' version.Created by well known designers, these sweaters each have details that set them apart from the crowd.      Be sure to inspect Julie's side seam detail used in both of these sweaters! This trunk show contains more sweaters than are shown here.  Even if you don't foresee sweater knitting in your near future, these beauties deserve to be seen and marveled over; it's almost like going to a hands-on museum exhibit!Treat yourself to some time at the shop to see what is possible to create with two sticks and some string.  Hurry, though, as this trunk show must be returned soon!   

Double the Fun!

If one trunk show is great, then two at a time is fantastic!  A Quince & Co. trunk show joins our Rosy Green Wool trunk show this week.We have a three color pullover, Svana, made with sport weight Chickadee:svana-rtp svana-detail-rtpWe have a richly textured cardigan, Gretel, made with worsted weight Lark.  The photos don't do this justice, it's a gorgeous sweater!gretel-rtp gretel-front-detail-rtp gretel-cuff-detaill-rtpWe have a hooded tunic length pullover, Helga, made with two strands of Chickadee held together which creates an aran weight yarn:unknown-sweater-rtp hood-of-unknown-sweater-rtpAnd, to top it all off, we have a cheerful hat, Alba, made with fingering weight Finch:alba-rtpThis trunk show has something for everyone; colorwork, texture, various weights of yarn, and a variety of project size!Come in and be inspired!

A Rare Trunk Show!

We were so excited in February when our first shipment of Rosy Green Wool arrived!  You can read about it here.  Now we're just as enthusiastic about the trunk show containing samples knit with their yarns arriving this week!Trunk shows are a treat and a valuable opportunity to see and feel a company's yarns knit into several garments for us to examine and try on.rosy-green-wool-manx-merino-fineWe will have this special selection of one sweater and five shawls on display for just over a week.  Plan a trip to the shop to indulge in this lovely yarn made with the softest Merino wool and rare endangered Hebridean and Manx Loaghtan sheep.Both heb merino fine and manx merino fine are fingering weight yarns with subtle light and dark flecks in 7 colors. They are close-to-skin-soft due to the 80% merino content and are marvelous for shawls, accessories, fair isle knitting, and sumptuous tops.rosy-green-wool-heb-merino-fine-rtpWe consider ourselves fortunate indeed to be able to get these yarns; they are so rare and precious that each skein is numbered individually.  They are vintage yarns, a bit different from year to year.  Also, a portion of their purchase goes to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in Great Britain.Cheeky merino joy is a 100% merino sport weight yarn that is, unlike the others, machine washable and perfect for children's wear.rosy-green-wool-cheeky-merino-joy-rtpRosy and Patrick's passion and dedication to helping endangered and rare sheep breeds sets them apart and makes their yarn unique.  Their yarns are certified organic, from sheep to dyed yarn, by one of the strictest international methods, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).  Their commitment to the well-being of the sheep they love drives every decision they make.We urge you to come in without delay and think of the sheep who grew the fleece that became the yarn you are admiring. 

Yarn On The House!

Yarn On The House is the perfect name because this company is truly a family affair!  In addition to their yarn bases being named after family members; DK weight Big Sister, fingering weight Little Brother, lace weight Mother, and worsted weight Father, each of these people is involved in the daily running of YOTH.YOTH-wall-RTPBig sister Veronika is the creative mind who started this venture emerging from her knitting passion; little brother Danny is Veronika's partner, business inspiration, and tech guru; their father has custom made every display piece, and their mother is their rock and general consultant.YOTH-Jenny-Shawl-RTPYOTH has three distinct color palettes with food-themed names; Raw consists of neutrals, Fresh is earthy blues and greens, and Juicy is yellows and oranges.  Careful thought has gone into organizing their palettes into color families and levels of shade to ensure that all of their colors blend and mix well.YOTH-Arika-cowlshawlWe have a trunk show that showcases some of their colorways and patterns.  The samples are upstairs next to our YOTH yarns!YOTH-hats-and-mitts-RTPDrop by to see YOTH's mouth-watering colorways and see what you're in the mood for!

Kelbourne Woolens Trunk Show!

Our Kelbourne Woolens' trunk show has arrived and the samples are ready for you!  This collection of 6 sweaters was designed by Bristol Ivy using Cumbria and Cumbria fingering yarn.  The 10% mohair adds luster and strength to the blend of Merino and Masham wool, perfect for long lasting sweaters!Cumbria-RTPYou'll understand why Bristol is known for using geometrical shaping combined with feminine detailing and unusual construction elements when you see these garments!Hester uses worsted weight Cumbria and has yoke and sleeve detailing.Hester-Bristol-Ivy-Kelbourne-Woolens-Cumbria-RTPHylda, also made with worsted weight Cumbria, has a stockinette front with a mesh and rib hourglass panel in the back!back-of-Hylda-RTPPrue has three-quarter length dolman sleeves and a vertical eyelet pattern on the front.Prue-RTPThese are only three of the six sweaters we have on display for the rest of this week.  Be sure to come in, feel the loveliness that is Cumbria yarn, and see Bristol's entire collection before it leaves!  

Special Saturday-Only Trunk Show!

My Sister Knits is being treated with a personal visit from Marian of Marianated Yarns this Saturday afternoon, July 9th from 1pm - 3pm!If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may remember a recent post about this new yarn. We love the fact that Marian dyes her yarn in her New Jersey home and that we are one of only 8 yarn shops that carry it in the U.S.!marianated-yarns-fixedShe just happens to be visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and decided to pay us a visit! This is indeed fortuitous and we are eagerly looking forward to meeting her.Marian will bring samples knit up in the yarn we carry, Scrumptious HT, with the focus on her gradient kits. In addition, she will bring some other samples and yarn to go with them. We will be able to place special orders for whatever she doesn't have.Marianated-Yarns-collageThis will be a fun, quick trunk show and a special one considering that we will have the unusual opportunity to meet an independent dyer.Be sure to drop by Saturday afternoon to see her samples and have a cool drink and a treat.

Quince Trunk Show Arriving Soon!

Mark your calendars for our Quince Wool Baby Trunk Show Tuesday, July 5th through Friday, July 8th!A trunk show is when a yarn company sends us samples of knitwear made with their yarns.  This allows you to to see and feel their yarns knit into something yummy and gets your creative juices flowing with other ideas for the yarn!The Wool Baby Trunk Show will show off  samples of knitting loveliness for babies.Elmer is a blanket with columns of not-too-lacy leaves using Aran weight Osprey.quince-basket-no-borderArlo is a cardigan designed with stockinette and a textured knit-purl pattern using Worsted weight Lark.Aziza is an heirloom bonnet with a lace panel and i-cord ties also made with Lark.quince-larkMae is an open front cardigan with a textured lace trim using Sport weight Chickadee.quince-chickadeeWe adore Quince & Co yarns and patterns and admire their values as a company.  Founder Pam Allen strongly believes in making yarn sourced in the U.S.; by doing this she remains true to her dedication to help ranchers stay in the business of raising their sheep and goats. She achieves a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction out of doing her part to conserve history and open space in our country.We invite you into the shop to see and feel these samples that would add a touch of sophistication to any baby's wardrobe!

Show and tell

We just love Anzula yarns.  Over the years we have knit up dozens of samples with these lovely skeins.  So we are over the moon about Sabrina's visit next week.The trunk show yarns will be in the shop all day on Wednesday the 27th and until 1 pm on Thursday the 28th, and Sabrina will be joining us from 10 am-1 pm both days.sabrina anzulaShe will be bringing skeins of her lovely yarns as well as inspiring samples that will have us all eager to cast on.Is our favorite part of a trunk show the new skeins or the samples? It's hard to say, especially when our friends bring projects of their own and we can see an even broader range of possible projects!anzula trunk 2We hope that you'll come join the fun and bring your Anzula projects along to share with the group.  We'd love to see what you've crafted with her yarns and help you decide what you'd like to work on next!We look forward to seeing you soon.